Equip yourself with skills and knowledge for staying ahead of future changes

Things have been changing dramatically for the last decades. Unimaginable things became oh-so-everyday items. The trendy today can become the out-of-date tomorrow. What we believe is right can be proven wrong (like eating how many eggs per week is good. That confuses me so much, seriously). All of these changes make the future so unpredictable.

How can we make sure we stay relevant to the future workforce, to not obsolete?

Some say to stick with a job and get as much experience from this as possible. That is not wrong. But not always the good choice, at least not for a certain field like technology and business. Internet makes things highly accessible. Information could be acquired easily after few clicks and the young workforce know really well how to stand on shoulders of giants.

Some say to change as many jobs as possible. Get more experience, know what is required out there so you won’t be left behind. Sounds not so bad, but there is a problem. It takes time to learn. I bet you hear about the theory of “10,000 hours”. The shorter you stay in a job, the less your can learn from one job. Needless to say, frequent job changes will make your CV less appealing to recruiters.

I say, don’t make job a center of your development, because jobs will change. With the rapid growth of technology, many new jobs are created daily, many once hot jobs have been eliminated. So don’t learn to be stay relevant to a job but equip yourself with skills and knowledges for staying relevant to the changes.

Know the changes, Surf the waves.

Keep yourself updated with technology. Read. Ask. Talk. Share. Absorb. Get beyond the obsessiveness with technology, think of what will be needed. Practice the critical thinking, sharpen the communication skills, improve your task & time management. These skills are never out of date. Instead of being afraid of what secrets the future is holding, embracing it with the joy of learning (and unlearning – we will discuss about it in the next post)

Two days ago, I have talked to my Head of marketing about recruiting a digital specialist. Although we are all overload due to lack of human resources, she didn’t want to take that guy on board. When I asked why, she simply said:

“He doesn’t have that attitude”.

“What attitude?”

“Eager to learn. He doesn’t show desire to learn new things here”

Recently, I stumbled upon the word “lifelong learning” and I found a strong connection to this idea. To me, “lifelong learning” will be one of the most important elements you should have in the go-to-the-future baggage. Because it is “lifelong learning” so you could put aside your ego to learn new things from your much younger colleagues. Because it is “lifelong learning” so you wouldn’t feel tired when dealing with new things in job. Because it is “lifelong learning” so you could keep yourself like a rolling stone, despites how many changes along the way.

Equip yourself with attitude, skills and knowledge to cope with the changes.

Because as Heraclitus said “The only thing that is constant is change”.






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